Books Read in April 2014

Sadly I didn’t read much in April, I kind of pushed it to the side and didn’t make time.
My history professor let me borrow a book for a critical review, even though I didn’t finish it all I might count it.


   1. With Raoul Wallenberg in Budapest: Memories of the War Years in Hungary– Per Anger (208 pages)
I only read about ~130 of the 208 pages, but it was a very good book about the Holocaust. Written by a former member of the Swedish legation who worked closely with Wallenberg as they tried their hardest to save as much of the Jewish population of Budapest during Nazi occupation. Reading about the sheer bravery and sense of duty these people had to help others really made a soft spot in my heart. I couldn’t imagine how much courage it all took to risk everything. Even after all the good he did, I wish there had been a better future for Herr Wallenberg instead of disappearing forever after the Soviets captured him.
I definitely recommend the book for people who like to learn about this kind of topic.


First Day Off

Yay my exams are over with!
So what did I do my first day off?!
I slept in until 11.30 ish, I’ve been taking some medicine for an allergic reaction to a bug bite (it spread all over my body and was so incredibly itchy) that has made me sleepy.
Then I cleaned.
Boring sounding I know right, but I think it was good for me to start off my break being productive.
I did dishes, steam cleaned the tile floors, deep cleaned the carpet floors, polished the fridge (damn stainless steel isn’t actually stainless), and vacuumed the stairs. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it was all deep cleaning! I worked up a sweat.
I’m prepping the house so it will be nice when June 2nd comes around, because Franziska is coming all the way from Germany to stay with my family! (In only 20 days!)
Now that the easy stuff is over, my mom and I have tons of yard work to do like; order dirt to level the yard, actually level the yard, till up the flower garden, and plant flowers, there’s also the basement to organize. Today was 95 degrees (35 Celsius), so, wayyy too hot and humid for me to start my garden. I’m exhausted just thinking about it, but I feel stress come off when things get done.
I won’t be looking to get a job yet until after my vacation in the beginning of June so I’m helping do all the chores and maintenance, it isn’t too hard to do anyway.
Here’s to hoping for a fun summer 🙂


Lately I feel like I’m a daze and not fully aware of or paying attention to what is currently going on around me.
Just going through the motions of days.
I kind of avoid stress by procrastinating on work, but in the end that makes it worse.
Two more weeks and I am free of school!
Now it’s crunch time and I will be studying and working my butt off so I can look forward to my trip to NYC and finish planning the details for a good friend of mine to visit 🙂

I will be here the beginning of JUNE!

March 2014

Hello dear people who read my ramblings 🙂
I have not been on much, mainly because I am too lazy to be creative and don’t take the time to write on here. I try to keep up, but forget a lot of the time.
Anyway, within the last month I have had many ups and downs.
I turned 19, went on a few nice day trips, and got to take awesome photographs with a new zoom lens.
The hardest part of everything was that in the beginning of March I was broken up with for good by my boyfriend of 3 years/best friend of 6 years. He never gave me a reason and just completely cut me out of his life and hasn’t spoken to me since, but now he has a new girlfriend already.
It was heartbreaking of course, but I have had time to heal. I harbored a lot of resentment towards the end because he had cheated on me, I guess that made it easier for me to let go of everything because he had really hurt me and made me feel awful a lot of the time.
The worst part was losing him as a best friend and support system, we had been so close for so long that I somewhat feel a piece of me missing, but I’ve moved on.
With something that negative happening I was afraid I would spiral into an even worse depression, because it seems whenever I almost completely dig myself out of the hole it gets 2x deeper and darker.
Luckily, it didn’t get worse.
Instead I have focused my energy on trying harder in school to get good marks, become closer with my mom and siblings, started taking Isshinryu karate again, made a few friends at my college, started to eat healthy almost all the time, and even started to train for a 5k run.
I am afraid that I haven’t dealt with my feelings properly and that my thoughts will creep up on me and ruin everything. In the back of my head I hear a voice saying “you’re not good enough for anything, no one cares about you, being okay will only be temporary..”
In a way, I just want to forget about everything, like in the movie The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I wish I could delete him from my memory fully. Sadly, that isn’t possible, but each day I feel the weight on my chest and the knot in stomach slowly disappear.

Hopefully things will stay okay for now, I am looking forward to the end of this semester to take a nice break this summer!

January 2014

The first month of 2014 is over, what?!

I’m only a few days late summarizing my January.. 🙂
This January was pretty uneventful. The beginning of the month until the 13th I had a break from school and just hung out doing very little. Now that school has started again I’m doing work and studying more. I have good grades and am very excited 🙂 Just one less thing to stress about.
“Have I made any resolutions?”
Not really, I just want to get out more and also to get better at taking photographs.
Most people think: get thin, eat better, be more active, etc.
Lucky for me I take a yoga class at my school and I can already feel a bit of a difference. We get to do meditations and classical yoga where we learn how to heal our bodies and not just focusing on working out (that’s called power yoga fyi).
I’ve lost a decent amount of weight, but it hasn’t really been through my own doing. I have no appetite from my medication so I have lost around 25 lbs (~11 kg). The number on the scale isn’t a big factor for me, I just want to feel content and confident.

-What did I learn?
This month I learned to loom knit!
Regular knitting is still kind of difficult to me so I took the easy way out.
Here is my first project! It’s a scarf, but I still need to join it together to make it an infinity scarf. I used a super soft kinda fluffy yarn, so it’s extra soft.

Another thing I did was create a jar where I will document special moments of this year so I can read them on January 1st 2015.
I’ve decorated it with washi tape that has daisies on it 🙂

Did you enjoy your January?

Books Read in January 2014

So over my holiday break from school I was able to actually finish reading 2 books!
Yay! I hadn’t made time to read for several months and now I am making time for it when I can since it is still something I love to do.
I’m copying the setup of my lovely friend Franziska’s monthly reading posts 😉

This month I finished:
1. A Dance with Dragons- George R. R. Martin (1049 pages)
Wow I can’t believe I’ve finished the last Game of Thrones book that is published.. and of course I will be eagerly awaiting books six and seven.
I don’t want to post a summary because of spoilers! (Those are the worst, unless when you look them up intentionally..)

2. The Reader- Bernhard Schlink ( 218 pages)
Set in post world war two, it is a story about Michael Berg, a 15 year old boy who falls in love with 36 year old Hanna Schmitz who then begin an intense love affair. After a summer together Hanna mysteriously disappears without a word only to be seen again by Michael years later when he is studying law and she is being tried in court for unspeakable crimes.
I thought it was a good book and it is praised as good literature that delves into the topics of Germany’s Nazi past and how it has affected the mentality of the next generation.

Overall a decent month for reading, I hope to read more in February 🙂

100th Card!

Since I’ve been on a break from postcrossing I totally forgot that I got my official 100th card 🙂
I’ve swapped a few cards here and there so I might have around 110 or so, but here is my 100th card.


I think it is so adorable! I love rats and other small rodents, I used to have to hamsters growing up:)
The card came from Russia and was actually written in French. I took some French so I know the basics and surprisingly could understand most of it even after four years of not speaking/learning the language. It even came with a special Sochi Winter olympics stamp, but it was quite close to falling off. I’m so happy it stayed on.

Happy 100th card for me:)